An exclusive Biion Release

Ready to enter the world of NFTs?

An exciting new release that is literally 'out of this world'.

Together with our incredible partners in Taiwan, and in collaboration with Doodles #2753, we've launched 222 pairs of limited edition NFT (non-fungible token) shoes along with something special for your feet here IRL (in real life).

The Trainer NFT Doodles #2753 Paradise

Tokenized on Polygon Blockchain as an NFT collectable.  Only 222 of the Doodles #2753 Paradise are to be minted.  These will be accompanied by a special release of the physical shoe to wear IRL (in real life). 

The Trainer Doodles #2753 Classic

For those wishing to get their hands on Doodle shoes and skip the virtual experience, this special Biion Trainer x Doodles #2753 Classic is available IRL (in real life).
Very limited edition.

doodles gif


Doodles is a community-driven collectibles NFT project created by Evan Keast, Scott Martin, and Jordan Castro, featuring art by Burnt Toast.

According to volume statistics data on OpenSea, Doodles currently ranks the 11th spot of all time. The concept and design of this limited collection originates from the latest companion NFT collection “Space Doodle''. From this comes the Paradise NFT, tokenized on Polygon Blockchain as a collectable, accompanied by a special release of the physical shoe to wear IRL (in real life) featuring the same Doodle hero


Hextagrip traction outsole provides an extremely low profile performance, offering the ultimate connection to the ground with amazing balance.

Light Weight

Reduce leg fatigue for greater performance on the long haul. The lightweight, flexible EVA material keeps you light on your feet through the night shift, the day shift, all the shifts.


Built into the very material is a natural resistance to bacteria. Wash them clean and Biion takes care of the dirty details.

Optional BiioVents

Maintain comfort throughout your day by keeping your foot cool when possible with strategically placed vents throughout. If the situation calls for closed footwear, Biion has you covered.

Shock Absorbing

Dual density, energy-return midsole. The Biion shoe works with you, allowing for the natural movement of your feet through every step.

More Grip. Less Slip

Biion’s HEXTRA-GRIP tread provides outstanding traction, strength and stability when everything hangs in the balance.