BIION Styles - Brights


In the pursuit of refinement,
it becomes increasingly apparent that
less really can be more.
They are a clean, vibrant statement.
Bright is not only a look and a name, its a position.

BIION Styles - Patterns


We take no interest in conforming.
What better way to achieve this then
with wild and dynamic prints.
This provides us with freedom in design, and those
that wear them, freedom from the crowds. 

BIION Styles - Classics


An iconic oxford silhouette with brogue detail is where this starts.
It’s a foundation upon which has built the spectrum of flavors that make up
the rest of this dynamic style.

BIION Styles - Wingtips


The prototypical oxford shoe,
re-defined and designed in a
color spectrum you will not
find anywhere else.

BIION Styles - Saddles


The distinctive mid-foot panel,
rejuvenated with wild color combinations
and a redesigned fullback twist. Its a clean take that
keeps up with tomorrows athletic look.

From the office, to the boat, to the
course, to dinner, to the plane, to....

The comfort and fit was amazing and the traction was extremely good!

Aaron Adkins