An iconic oxford silhouette with brogue detail is where this starts. It’s a foundation upon which is built the spectrum of flavors that make up the rest of this dynamic brand.

Styles - Classics
White & Black (1882891157569)

White & Black

$85.00 USD
White (1882891321409)


$80.00 USD
Black (1882891681857)


$80.00 USD
White & Tan (1882891124801)

White & Tan

$85.00 USD
NEW - Whiteout (3740173828161)

NEW - Whiteout

$80.00 USD
Tux Black Lux (3742411096129)

Tux Black Lux

$105.00 USD

4 ounces.
That’s the weight of a Biion Shoe.
Biion’s HEXCELL technology will
lighten the load of every step.